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Hoosier Cancer Research Network on Facebook

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Honor Your Hero

Hoosier Cancer Research Network is honored to celebrate those who have faced cancer, both patients and their caregivers, through tributes and photos submitted by loved ones. Check the box below to honor your hero.

Thank you to all who have submitted photos and stories!

Anne Garber

Mother, wife, daughter, volunteer, and outstanding friend

Joan Irick

In loving memory

Isalene Wilson

Liver Cancer

A tribute to my Grandma who taught me strength, resilience, gratitude, and most of all, joy. She was truly one of a kind!

I miss you Grandma!

Rachael Bridges

Always in my heart, love Kerry.
We will find a Cure!

Coach Terry Hoeppner

Thank you for your strength of faith and love of family. Your spirit lives on in each of us as we persevere and look forward with great anticipation to being together again.

Karen Borkowsky Kennedy

Best friend, fun-loving wife, doting mother, and breast cancer survivor

William P. Loehrer

A lesson learned late was though he was tough as nails on the outside, inside Bill Loehrer was a marshmallow. He is my teacher, still.

Marjorie Williams

Breast Cancer

You were an angel sent from heaven. Everything you touched was blessed. We miss you.

Dorothy Kinslow

Breast Cancer Survivor

A great, caring person! We love you and support you.

Robert Finch

Lung Cancer

You were a blessing to us all. You are truly missed.

Ann Martin

Lung Cancer

Grannie Annie, in your own words – “You can tell that cancer to go scratch with a broken milk bottle!”

Miss you always.

Roy Smith

Lung Cancer

In honor of all patients that take part in clinical trials, no matter what crazy things we ask of them! (put this on … sit in this tent)

Claudia Lototzky Rose

A twinkling star watching over us all.

Judy Heimberger

Pancreatic Cancer

A wonderful person who dedicated her life to help protect and advocate for children with no family of their own. You are missed.

Harry “Ike” Pletcher

Prostate Cancer Survivor

The greatest generation in action … Nothing holds Harry down. Thanks, Grandpa!