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Hoosier Cancer Research Network on Facebook

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Annual Report

In HCRN’s 2021 Annual Report, Executive Director Cyndi Burkhardt, RN, writes:

Hoosier Cancer Research Network (HCRN) remains as active as ever in developing and opening new investigator-initiated cancer clinical trials and continues to develop our relationships with sites, investigators and funders. Cancer does not stall and patients do not stop needing treatment. And so, research must continue despite the challenges of our time.

As a network, we are in a strong position. I am grateful that Hoosier Cancer Research Network has maintained a consistent level of staffing and activity. 2021 was another strong year for HCRN in terms of the quality of engagement with our network collaborators. More top academic research institutions and key opinion leaders joined our network in 2021, enriching the scientific strength and energy of each of our disease-specific clinical trial working groups. Throughout the year we have seen a steady inflow of ideas and look forward to continuing the trend in 2022. Across our network we have added 108 investigators to our clinical trial working groups and have seen 54 concepts presented during these working group meetings. HCRN’s clinical trial working groups provide an ideal venue for investigators to develop their concepts in a supportive, collegial environment.

I would like to thank our excellent, hardworking staff and our leadership team for continuing to support our mission. I want to express my profound appreciation to all of our sponsor-investigators, your study teams, and collaborators for all that you do individually and collectively to advance our vision. Together we are making a difference across our communities, and I hope this gives you a sense of pride and inspiration, as it does for me. To all our collaborators, we look forward to continuing our work together in 2022.

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