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Hoosier Cancer Research Network on Facebook

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Hoosier Cancer Research Network on Facebook

Hoosier Cancer Research Network on Facebook

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Staff & Administration

Hoosier Cancer Research Network offers more than 35 years of experience managing exclusively oncology/hematology multi-center clinical trials. Our highly qualified staff collaborates with investigators and funders to open trials, complete accrual, and publish results efficiently and cost effectively.


Executive Office

Brian Stemme, Chief Executive Officer
Cyndi Burkhardt, RN, Executive Director
Pam Griffin, Executive Assistant

Business Development

Randy Dillinger, Director of Business Development & Communications
Fred Burkhardt, MS, Business Development Consultant
Abigail Proctor, Big Ten CRC Administrative Officer
Alex TenBarge, Communications Associate

Research Development

LeaEtta Hyer, RN, BSN, Research Development Officer
Jessica Roy, CCRP, Research Development Director for Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium
Lisa Wood, RN, MSN, Research Development Director for Hoosier Cancer Research Network
Morenci Powell, PhD, Protocol Development Coordinator 


JoLynn Bahr, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Nick Khan, Financial Analyst
Linde Phillips, HR and Accounting Coordinator


Karen Dutcher, JD, General Counsel 
Anita Camic, BSPH, Contracts and Quality Assurance Officer 
Elizabeth Rogalski, JD, MS, Contract Manager

Clinical Research Operations

Jeff Smith, BGS, CCRP, Chief Operating Officer
Kimberly Cameron, MPH, Clinical Project Manager
Ahran Lee, Senior Clinical Project Manager
Milena Petkov, BS, CCRP, Clinical Project Manager
Rae Lee Richards, MS, Clinical Project Manager
Debbie Schlegel, Operations Associate
Kristi Wilmes, MS, CCRP, Clinical Project Manager

Safety and Regulatory

Christy Yoder, CCRP, Safety and Regulatory Officer
Lucienne Augustin, Senior Regulatory Manager
Maura Buckley, CCRP, Lead Senior Regulatory Manager
Malaika Brown-Owens, MBA, Regulatory Manager
Jamie Douthitt, Research Safety Manager
Katie Gorrell, Data Safety Monitoring Coordinator
Michelle Holliday, Regulatory Manager
Charlene Minor, Clinical Regulatory Assistant
Braden Wenndt, Safety Manager 

Data Management and Informatics

Jason Boesch, BS, Clinical Research Monitor
Brittany Brugh, Clinical Data Manager
Kelsey Doyle, MS, Lead Clinical Data Manager
Madison Lee, Clinical Data Manager
Jan E. Meier, MLT, Senior Clinical Research Monitor
Adelai Neal, Clinical Research Informatician
Michael Nunley, Assistant Director of Clinical Data Management 
Alec Schmutte, Clinical Data Manager
Anita Rush-Taylor, BSN, RN, Clinical Data Validator
Jonny Valdez, Lead Clinical Data Manager
Tim Breen, PhD, MS, Clinical Research Informatician
Anna Dutcher, MPH, Application Support Specialist/EDC Developer
Natalie Mullins, MS, Application Support Specialist/EDC Developer

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence 

Kit Kemper, MS, Assistant Director of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
Fauzia Sharmin, MS, Clinical Data Analyst
Annesha Majumdar, MS, Clinical Data Analyst

Correlative Services

Brittany Lowe, Director of Biorepository and Translational Research
Kraig Galbreath, Senior Correlative Manager
Mayan Howard, Correlative Manager
Brian Kostoff, Correlative Research Manager