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Hoosier Cancer Research Network on Facebook

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Hoosier Cancer Research Network on Facebook

Hoosier Cancer Research Network on Facebook

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Staff & Administration

The Hoosier Cancer Research Network (HCRN) administrative office is responsible for the coordination of research development and study conduct. The office responds to inquiries regarding membership; disseminates HCRN research information; manages budgets, agreements, and IRB approvals; and maintains required regulatory documents for conducting research. HCRN serves as the administrative headquarters of the Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium.

Executive Office

Cyndi Burkhardt, Executive Director
Pam Griffin, Executive Assistant


JoLynn Bahr, Chief Financial Officer
Kristy Brown, Contracts and Quality Assurance Associate
Anita Camic, Contracts and Quality Assurance Officer
Karen Dutcher, General Counsel
Monica Feustel, Data and Finance Associate
Priscilla Jackson, Financial Analyst
Linde Phillips, Bookkeeper

Research Development

Jessica Roy, Research Development Director for Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium
Lisa Wood, Research Development Director for Hoosier Cancer Research Network
Anita Borek, Director of Business Development

Research Management

LeaEtta Hyer, Director of Clinical Operations
Lucienne Augustin, Senior Clinical Regulatory Manager
Robin Barnett, Administrative Assistant
Maura Buckley, Senior Clinical Regulatory Manager
Jamie Douthitt, Clinical Research Safety Manager
Ahran Lee, Clinical Project Manager
Charlene Minor, Clinical Research Operations – Regulatory
Dana Musapatika, Clinical Project Manager
Michael Nunley, Clinical Project Manager
Donna LaPlaca Sullivan, Clinical Project Manager
Cathy Usher, Administrative Assistant
Mary Jean Wasielewski, Clinical Research Monitor
Lauren Wiehl, Clinical Research Monitor
Christy Yoder, Safety and Regulatory Officer

Data Systems

Tim Breen, Director of Clinical Research Informatics
Jeri Franklin, Clinical Data Manager
Casey Hodges, Clinical Systems Developer
Eileen Kramer, Senior Clinical Data Manager
Emily Lyle, Clinical Data Manager
Adelai Neal, Senior Clinical Systems Developer
Xiaodong Peng, Clinical SAS Programmer
Debra Poe, Clinical Data Manager
Megan Sharp, Clinical Research Data Validator
Jeff Smith, Senior Information Services Administrator
Ginu Xavier, Clinical Data Manager

Correlative Services

Kraig Galbreath, Clinical Correlative Research Manager
Mayan Howard, Clinical Correlative Research Manager
Tammy Tomandl, Clinical Correlative Research Consultant

Statistical Services

Ziyue Liu, Biostatistics Director

Public Relations/Communications

Randy Dillinger, Director of Public Relations and Communications
Alecia Burkhardt, Communications Associate