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Honor Your Hero

Hoosier Cancer Research Network is honored to celebrate those who have faced cancer, both patients and their caregivers, through tributes and photos submitted by loved ones. Check the box below to honor your hero.

Thank you to all who have submitted photos and stories!


Very brave young woman, handling this diagnosis with dignity and courage.

Margaret Robbins Kirk

My hero is my sister. After being diagnosed with bile duct cancer, it had already spread bad. She lived only one month, diagnosed in May, passed away June 23, 2019.

Roger Allen




Dale Pugh

Dale and I were together for over 8 years. We met in the early 90s through a mutual friend and reconnected at the end of 2007 after running into each other at a local grocery store. We picked up right where we left off and over time our friendship grew. We were engaged in 2013 however due to the effects of him having cancer the 2nd time, we postponed things to concentrate on his treatment and illness. This past year he was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx and his voicebox and vocal cords were removed during an extensive surgery. This past fall he began a very aggressive chemo to try and control the cancer so it would not grow or spread. We found out that the chemo he was receiving was unsuccessful. Dale passed away on New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 2016. Read More

Glennon Schlueter

In addition to fighting an heroic battle against breast cancer (yes, men get it too), which he lost in 1995, earned hero status as a WWII veteran. He served in the Army Air Corps (now the U.S. Air Force) as a navigator on a B-24 bomber. His service included 11 months in a German POW camp after the German forces shot his plane down over Vienna. Dad is the one in the middle of this photo. Read More

Nell Hepker

Mom was a big encourager. She was always encouraging us to try new things. But as her youngest, there were times when she got a little nervous about the new things I tried. When I was in college, a friend decided to teach me to rock climb in order to help me conquer my fear of heights. I’d call Mom to tell her when we were going climbing, and eventually she said “How about if you tell me *after* you’ve gone climbing? I really don’t want to think about you dangling hundreds of feet in the air from a skinny little rope.”

Read More

Shawn Hamilton

Colts lost one loyal fan

Duncan Rae

In memory of my brother, who lost his battle to cancer in July 2009.

You are missed but not forgotten.

Paula Marie Kendrick

In Memory of a Loving Wife and Mother

Katie Vogelgesang, Mary Ellen Hughbanks Alerding, and Ruth Vogelgesang

“There are in the end three things that last: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

Manuel Morales

A man who loved to see things grow – from roses to family. His hugs and infectious smile made this world, and all he touched, blossom.