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Hoosier Cancer Research Network on Facebook

Hoosier Cancer Research Network on Facebook

Reps for Research is back

Hoosier Cancer Research Network is excited to announce that Reps for Research is returning March 3, 2024, after a three-year hiatus.

Reps for Research is a fundraiser for Hoosier Cancer Research Network (HCRN) that is led by Christopher A. Fausel, chairman of HCRN’s board of directors and oncology precision genomics pharmacist at the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center. The event includes Fausel’s participation in the Arnold Sports Festival Pump & Run 5K in Columbus, Ohio.

Fausel invites pledges in support of HCRN for every bench press “rep” he completes during the event, with a maximum of 30 “reps.” Donations received will directly support investigator-initiated research, which is central to HCRN’s vision and mission.

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Make your pledge before Friday, March 2, using this form. You can pledge a dollar amount for every bench press rep that he completes, or you can pledge a specific total amount.
  • Step 2: Following the event, HCRN will send you an email message to let you know how Chris did. The email will include a link to a secure online donation form on the HCRN website and a mailing address, if you prefer to send a check. Donations will come directly to HCRN and will be acknowledged by HCRN.

After six consecutive years participating in this challenge and raising over $23,000 for HCRN, Reps for Research was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following a three-year break, Fausel is now more eager than ever to return to the action.

He created Reps for Research in 2015 as a way to combine his passion for investigator-initiated research with his participation in the Arnold Sports Festival Pump & Run. He wanted to challenge his friends and colleagues to support investigator-initiated research through HCRN.

For Fausel, giving back to HCRN is a way to honor the patients he sees every day. “These patients are facing their fight with cancer with uncommon strength and courage,” he said. “It’s a privilege to complete this year in their honor.”

In August 2013, Fausel was appointed HCRN’s chairman, but has been involved in HCRN research long before this. His involvement in Reps for Research, both in its establishment and active participation, demonstrates his dedication and endorsement of the organization’s work to provide access to innovative cancer therapies within local communities.

— Written by Kathryn Martin. Kathryn is Hoosier Cancer Research Network’s Communications Associate. 

About Hoosier Cancer Research Network:

Hoosier Cancer Research Network conducts innovative cancer clinical trials in collaboration with more than 100 academic and community clinical research sites across the United States. Our studies are designed by cancer researchers from our member institutions. The HCRN staff includes 55 team members who work together to support all aspects of the studies we manage, from the time we receive the initial concept from a researcher through the final publication of the study results. Currently, we are supporting more than 70 clinical trials across a wide range of cancer types. Over our 40-year history, more than 10,000 participants in have enrolled in our clinical trials, leading to important discoveries that help cancer patients live longer and better after their cancer diagnosis.